Soldier recounts how his mother was allegedly raped by colleague


A former Nigerian soldier has shared the sad story of how his mother was raped by a neighbor in the barracks where he lived.

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Sharing his story via his Twitter handle @FestusNG, the former soldier said when he was still serving in 146 Batallion, his mum paid him a visit in the barracks.

He left for work and a neighbour, a fellow soldier, found his way into his house, stabbed his mum, and raped her.

”Rape is a disgusting thing. When I was a soldier serving in 146 battalion my mum visited me, brought foodstuff, cooked all sorts of food and served my neighbours (soldiers). At 6:pm, I left for my duty. My neighbour broke into the ceiling and gained entry into my apartment.

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He stabbed my mum twice at the back and raped her. My mum was a mess and almost took her own life. I didn’t forgive myself until I left the army. When you plan of raping anyone, you plan to destroy them. Say No to Rape.” he tweeted.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-08 at 8.19.51 PM
Soldier recounts how his mother was allegedly raped inside the barracks by a fellow soldier
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