“Success Does Not Respect Certificates Or Degrees. Your Classmates Will Remember Who Succeeded The Most, Not Who Always Came First In Exams “-Lawyer Omokri Reno


Nigerian Lawyer and Author, Bemigho Reno Omokri who is known for his motivational speeches and his deep food for thought had said in his latest revelation that having the best educational background is not an automatic success in life.

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He said that the same classmates you shared moments in school with will not care about who use to take first positions in class but who is successful in life thus, success does not respect academic background.

In making his point clear, Lawyer Reno cited an example using Apple saying that the organization has managed to employ over 1000 graduates though it was established by two school dropouts who never attended University.







He posted;

“Your classmates will remember who succeeded the most, not who always came first in exams. So, study as best as you can so you can make good grades.

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But if you fail, it‘s not the end of the world. Succeed in life and you can employ the best student. Over 1000 Ph.D. holders work at Apple. A company that was founded by 2 dropouts without a university degree.

Because success does not respect certificates or degrees. Success respects results. A certified millionaire is better than a certified degree holder!”







See the post below:

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