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Takoradi: Pregnant woman dɨes in Ambulance as husband’s inability to pay for fuel delays her transfer





A husband has lost his wife in a bizarre way after she had delivered at the hospital through caesarean.

The lady Augustina Awortwe went to deliver a baby at Child Catholic Hospital at Fijai in the Western Region of Ghana but due to medical complications doctors requested a transfer to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.


Unfortunately for the lady she died because of her husband’s inability to pay for fuel as demanded by the ambulance service personnel.

Narrating her sad ordeal to Takoradi based Empire FM, the husband Obiri-Yeboah said the wife reported to the hospital on Monday January 3, 2021 expecting to deliver on January 4.



After leaving the wife in the care of her sister at the hospital he left for home at Shama Junction and that was when he had a call that his wife was in critical condition.

“I was there when the sister called that my wife’s situation had become critical and they were preparing to transfer her to Korle-Bu , so I was surprised, a few minutes later I received a call , I think it was the Ambulance Service team asking where i was and I told them I was at Shama Junction , which they asked me to wait and later picked me”. – The husband said



Joining the ambulance they asked him for 600 for fuel which he replied that he has no money on him and suggested they add the cost of fuel to the medical bill.

”they asked for 600 cedis to buy fuel, and I told them I don’t have such an amount on me.” – he continued

The ambulance team refused his suggestion but after back and forth he gave them 50 cedis for fuel, they accepted it and bought the fuel but strangely instead of them continuing the journey to Accra they returned to the hospital at Fijai.



On returning to Child Catholic Hospital at Fijai, the hospital couldn’t understand why had to return, it resulted in an argument but cut everything short the hospital gave them the money for fuel

After all the delays, they finally set off for Accra at 6pm.

On the road the ambulance team informed him that the wife’s condition has worsened and needed swift medical attention so they will stop at Cape Coast Teaching hospital.




On reaching Cape Coast Teaching hospital, even before they could be sent for the medical attention one of the ambulance personnel told him his wife has passed away,

Mr. Obiri-Yeboah is prepared to take legal action against the ambulance service as he blames his wife’s demise on their delay.

The Child Catholic Hospital at Fijai have refused to speak to the media on the issue.






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