The is CYAN; The organization changing the lives of many young people in Ghana today

CYAN-GH is the prefix of Charisma Youth Ambitions Network, Ghana.

We are a non-profit organization, an entrepreneurial youth advocacy group with the aim to raise entrepreneurs with integrity.

We are not just an organization, but a family of young people united and committed to self-sufficiency spiritually and economically.





Through our program known as The Word Ministry, which is hinged on sound Biblical Principles, we groom and train young people to establish a strong reason to:
1. Help put smiles on the faces of the youth especially the less privileged in society.
2. Build network of like-minded people and
3. To affect generations with relevant knowledge, quality skills and experience in excellence.





On our platforms for discussion and idea exchange program, young people come together to share messages and comments which inspire, motivate, encourages, entertain, and build them up to be useful tools for developments in society





Charisma Youth Ambitions Network, Ghana (CYAN-GH) was founded on 24th August 2011 by Samuel Nkrumah Andam. The vision and Operational activities of the group were halted for some time until October 2015 when the group resumed full operation.

CYAN-GH is an inter-denominational youth advocacy group. We are registered with the registrar general department (RGD) as a non-governmental organization (NGO), and that the liability of its members is limited by guarantee.

Over the years we have built CYAN-GH to be not just an organization, but a family of young people committed and united for a purpose. And the main reason is to establish a strong reason for one to smile, build network and affect generations.

Through our ‘word ministry’ which is the most important program of the organization, we groom young people with zeal, ready and prepared to be guided, through training to help put smiles on the faces of the youths of our time.

We are not a church, but we operate based on the standards of the Holy Bible.
By our standard of preparation, we guide our members through training to help put smiles on the faces of the youths of our time, Build stronger networks among ourselves and other people of relevance, and Affect our generations with relevant knowledge, quality skills and experience in excellence.

On our platforms for discussions and idea exchange programs, CYAN-GH accept messages and comments which can inspire, motivate, encourage, entertain and build the youths. We do not accept affiliations to national or international partisan politics. CYAN-GH strongly frowns on tribal and religious teasing, insults, racism, pornographies, ethnic and gender discrimination.

Membership of the organization is open to persons aged thirteen (13) years and above, Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians, male and female. The organization has members spread across Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, UK and Kuwait. Members are considered active when they participate in our programs on whatsapp, and as organized in the various venues.

We have a welfare system guided by a constitution which is solely dedicated to the welfare needs of members.

The organization has a motto: unity, excellence and faith.
Our tagline is “CYAN” and the response is “mandated for exploits.”

Our membership stands at two hundred and fifteen (215) as contained in the monthly report to our assembly of patrons for the month of July 2019.


Putting smiles on the faces of youth through the building of network of like-minded people with the aim of affecting generations positively.


Build “CYAN-Village,” to become a preferred platform through which young people are empowered to fulfill their purpose and become entrepreneurs with integrity.


1. To deliver “The Word Ministry” to as many young people as possible.
2. To train and set-up 500 young entrepreneurs by 2026
3. To provide financial support to members with special health conditions
4. To provide free counseling services to our members
5. To provide financial support to members through “Akomapa Scholarship Scheme”
6. To organize periodic campus visitation for our students members
7. To provide free business advisory and consultancy services to our members
8. To provide local and international exposure through convocation program and other planned activities.
9. To educate the girl-child on teenage pregnancy, provide educational items and sanitary products through Real-Ladies club.

What is The Word Ministry in CYAN-GH?

The Word Ministry represents the core foundation upon which CYAN-GH is founded.

It is our way of feeding the mind with godly knowledge. When the mind is fed with the right knowledge, the needed wisdom and mindset is achieved.

With the right mindset, one can even smile at the storm.

The word ministry is delivered through the following:
1. Digital platforms_daily spirit-filled motivation.
2. The Gathering_annual social event.
3. Convocation_annual spiritual event.








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