This Easter Goodwill message from Akufo-Addo will melt your heart


Christians around the world, who celebrate Easter, the commemoration of the death of Christ Jesus, would have been meeting together in sanctuaries to celebrate their salvation, as the Christian faith demands.

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The story, however, has a new narrative today as the world comes together in distancing from one another due to the outbreak of COVID-19.






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To solidarise with Ghanaians in this period, President Akufo-Addo, a Christian himself, sent out this goodwill message while addressing the country for the 6th time on the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Read the message below:

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Fellow Ghanaians, Friday, 10th April, Good Friday, is the start of Easter, which, for us Christians, commemorates the unique sacrifice that our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, made for our salvation on the cross of Calvary. The season is a good opportunity for all of us to reflect on that ultimate sacrifice, and for each one of us also to make a sacrifice for the sake of humanity’s survival.


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We are used to attending Easter Conventions, making-merry, visiting friends and family, and having a good time. Yes, like a lot of you, I was also looking forward to visiting Kwahu during this time of the year, which I have been doing for several years. However, I am urging all of us to do the exact opposite of what we have been used to for many years. Stay at home. I ask you to keep your distance from your parents, grandparents and extended family, and celebrate this holiday apart. Do not host a big family gathering, and sternly refuse to attend one if you are invited. Your relatives will understand you are doing this out of love for them. Please, make that sacrifice.






Mesrɛ mo, asɛm aa makai, mondi su. Me ma mo afehyia pa

Min kpa nyɛ fai, nibii ni nkɛ, nyɛ ye nɔ. Afi oo afi.

So, on behalf of my beautiful Rebecca, my children, grandchildren and entire family, and members of Government, I wish you all a joyous and happy Easter, even if a restrained one. And, let me extend a special Easter goodwill message to our amazing health workers and to the members of our security agencies for their patriotic efforts.


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May God bless us all, and our homeland Ghana, and make her great and strong.

Enjoy the holidays, and I thank you for your attention.



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