This is how much each club will receive from FIFA COVID relief fund


The amount each club is to receive from the COVID-19 funds has been revealed to beneficiaries according to a report by

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This was made known after yet another marathon meeting by the GFA Executive Council Committee on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.






The monies will be shared among the Premier League clubs, Division One clubs, and the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA).

“Premier League clubs will receive $15,000 with Division One clubs taking $10,000. GHALCA will receive $2,000.

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“The first tranche of money from FIFA is expected to be received by the FA sooner, with Premier League clubs receiving $10,000 first and $5,000 later.

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“Division One clubs will be given an amount of $5,000 from the first tranche, before later receiving $2000”, Ghanasoccernet’s report stated.

This will be welcome news to clubs after enduring unimaginable hardships from the COVID-19 effect if it turns out to be true.

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Some clubs are owing players and staff over two months’ salaries because their revenue source, gate proceeds has been shut due to COVID-19.








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