Trotro driver shot dead in broad day light at Ayeduase, Kumasi over Controversial reasons, Read why- SAD PHOTOS





The driver of trotro car has been shot dead in the early hours of today. The incident occurred at Ayeduase, Kumasi, at around 8:30 AM Today, November 17, 2020.

According to an eyewitness, the incident emerged through an argument between the driver and a lady even before they got to Ayeduase gate. When they reached the Access Bank, a trotro driver mistakenly wrecked the private driver’s car.




According to the report, the angry driver walked up to the driver of the trotro and shot him.

The people around, alarmed by the shooting, created an angry mob who approached to stop any further damages. The shooter, upon seeing them, out of frustration, also shot himself.




Trotro driver shot dead at Ayeduase, Kumasi 2

Trotro driver shot dead at Ayeduase, Kumasi 2



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