Try these egg face masks for glowing skin


Pamper yourself with these egg white face mask.

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Protein-packed eggs are among the superfoods for good health. It has also proven to be a necessity in most beauty treatments; a good dose of nourishment to the skin and hair and make them healthier.





Rich in Lutein, eggs can provide hydration and elasticity to the skin while the high protein content can help in repairing tissues and firming skin.







The proteins in eggs can be used in softening the hair, and also to give it strength and shine.

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Skin lightening egg face mask

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1 teaspoon orange juice

1 egg white

1 teaspoon turmeric powder


Place the egg white and orange juice in a small mixing bowl and whisk until it becomes frothy.





Add in turmeric powder and mix thoroughly. Make sure the mixture is not too drippy.

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Using clean hands, apply the mixture to your face and massage in a circular motion, allowing it to sink deep into your skin. Keep it on for 15 minutes while you lie down to prevent gravity from pulling the mask downward.

When the time is up, gently scrub off the dried mask from your face and apply moisturizer. A perfect natural moisturizer is 3-4 drops of olive oil.

Hydrating egg white face mask






1 egg white

¼ ripe avocado

1 teaspoon yogurt






Scoop out avocado and blend until smooth.

Add other ingredients and blend.

Apply a thick coat of the mixture onto your face with clean fingers and sit for about 15 minutes.

Wash off the mask with lukewarm water when the time is up, and pat your face dry with a towel. Enjoy the look of your moisturized skin!








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