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Two ladies drag themselves into a gutter over Boyfriend snatching feud




This is a case involving two friends who engaged in a deadly fight inside a dirty lagoon in Lagos State, Nigeria.

It was reported that one of the ladies was the one that introduced her boyfriend to her friend before her friend went behind her back to seduce the man, and she was finally laid by the man.


One of the friends of the lady gave her a hint of what has been going on between the other girl and her man after seeing her whatsapp chat with the man. The lady who couldn’t keep calm went straight to her friend’s place to challenge her.

She met her outside the house and gave her a big slap which made the other lady to attack her back, and they pushed themselves into the lagoon to start the show of shame.


While it is totally wrong to snatch the boyfriend of her best friend, we should also remember that it’s too bad to engage in such an act in public when some men are standing there taking pictures and videos of them without attempting to separate them from the fight, which shows that the men wanted to put them to shame by uploading it online.



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