[Video] COVID-19: What do children really know about deadly virus?


As more and more lives are lost to coronavirus, the focus is beginning to shift from the increasing statistics being churned out on a daily basis to things to do in order to prevent a possible spread of the disease.

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The disease has killed nearly 4,000 people with more than 105,000 more infections globally. It has forced governments to shutdown cities and quarantine infected persons. The move has seen a slump in business for many organisations with scores more uncertain of what the future holds.





While several health institutions as well as a number of companies, including Black Volta Publications, operators of ABC News have taken it upon themselves to educate the populace on ways of avoiding contact with the virus, it appears a lot more education still needs to be done as checks reveal several people are still not clear in their minds what COVID-19 even is, let alone things to do in order to avoid contracting it.

ABC News‘ earlier interaction with some market women and trotro commuters showed little to no knowledge of the rather infectious disease which has dominated headlines for weeks.

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In an interesting turn of events though, a number of children have rather proven to be on top of issues relating to the disease, to the surprise of our reporters. ABC News‘ Mavis Asare has for instance been interacting with some pupils of the Scholars’ International School in Accra to find out their level of appreciation of the newly discovered COVID-19, its causes and ways of preventing it.

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Here’s her report.

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