VIDEO: Has Funny Face got back his twins?


Funny Face over the weekend gave his former wife an ultimatum to return his twins or incur his wrath.

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According to him, the mother of the twins is an unemployed woman and will not be able to give the children the life he has planned out for them.

He said that even after she left his house with his children, she has to call friends to get through to him in order to get money to feed them; an indication that she cannot take good care of them.




Funny Face expressed his readiness to take good care of them with the support of his mother and Sister.

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However, the comedian has since shared a video of himself having a good time with his twins and he is seen to have his life back on track.

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It’s unclear if the video is an old video or it is a current video suggesting the runaway wife has brought the children back to him.

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