(Video) Lady Narrates How She Roamed 3 Different Hospitals All Night Seeking Medical Attention For An Accident Victim


A disheartened lady has narrated how she had to roam 3 different hospitals in the capital of Nigeria, Abuja in order to get medical help for a guy who was hit on the road by a driver.

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According to the lady identified as Blessing Tangban, on the night of Friday, she came across a guy who was hit by a car on the express road. She had to carry him because there was no one else there to do it.

But after visiting 2 different hospitals, there were sent away citing lack of drip in the first hospital. In the second hospital, they were told the emergency center was quarantined and the only doctor around refused to come out to help any condition.







They arrived at the 3rd hospital at 1:33 AM where he was attended to.

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Per new updates from Miss Blessing, the guy lives and he’s responding to treatment.

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She decried the deteriorated state of the system and how unconcerned people can be these days.

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Read Miss Blessing’s story below;

Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

Guys, usually I wouldn’t do this, but my heart is completely broken tonight because of the state of the medical system in our country. Tonight a guy was hit by a car on the express. I had to carry him in my car to ensure he got medical care because everyone else was just watching

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Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

We got to the first hospital & they turned him.away during to “lack of drip”….. (my mind was blown…. a hospital? Turning away a dying man?) K….. we went to the second hospital, they said the emergency center was quarantined & the only doctor around refused to come out….

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Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

I was upset because everyone was standing & watching us, this man was bleeding the whole time & I legit thought he’ll die anytime soon, so after arguing uselessly, we took him to national hospital where he is being attended to. I just got to my house now, it’s 2:33am.

Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

I’m tweeting this for few reasons..when you see a disaster, take action, dont just stand & watch..Nigerians are great at being bystanders & they were a lot of them tonight. Secondly, our medical system has cost so many families their loved ones. How can a hospital not have drip?

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Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

How can a hospital close down its emergency center without providing alternatives? How many people have died due to “we dont have drip, we dont have bed space, doctor is not around…” or all the other excuses these hospitals give everyday? Are we saying that only 1 hospital in

Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

The FCT is equipped to Hndle medical care of any kind? Common! What if this guy had died in our hands tonight? It would certainly not be because we didn’t take him to the hospital, itll be that the hospitals weren’t prepared to do their jobs. Is this our reality?

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Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

UPDATE: thank you all for your response, love and concern for this young man. He is conscious now but still not speaking. According to the doctors he’s suffered multiple fractures on both his hands & legs and will need Xray, MRI and blood transfusions. Let prayers go up for him

Blessing Tangban@BlessingTangban

The men who hit the boy were with me yesterday helping & have been doing their best to foot this young man’s medical Bills in a society where many would have run away. If you would like to support them, please do. They didn’t plan the accident, but they’re taking responsibility.

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God bless Miss Blessing Tangban wherever she is for saving a life yesterday.



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