[Video] Land Cruiser runs over porridge seller at Tabora-Alhaji


A Prado Land Cruiser with registration number AS 4612-19  run into some food vendors on Monday night at the Tabora-Alhaji main station in Accra leading to the death of a porridge seller.

According to information from eyewitnesses, the driver lost control of the vehicle, hitting the ‘Koko’ seller who was preparing to go home after the day’s sales. She was pronounced dead at the Achimota Hospital in Accra.
The vehicle further damaged an electric pole, another food vendor’s container, tables and chairs and a saloon car.
It took the intervention of a metallic telephone pole to stop the car from causing further damages.
The damaged Prado car was towed to the Mile-7 Police Station while the occupants were sent to the Isreal Police Station for further investigation.
Watch videos of the scene below: 



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