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VIDEO: Waste Vehicle spotted offloading human feces into Odaw River




Poor sanitation in the cities of Ghana, especially Accra and Kumasi has become a major challenge the nation is yet to overcome.

Natives of these cities defecate and throw waste (bola) in the rivers, streams, and in gutters all the time. This as a result has erupted several airborne and water-borne diseases.




Although many sanitation offenders have been prosecuted and fined yet, many are recalcitrant and have turned deaf ears into the various proper sanitation campaigns.

An instance is a video available to Oyerepa Online where a Waste vehicle is offloading a human excrete into the Odaw River in Accra.



In the video, “A&D Waste” Company’s Man Diesel waste vehicle, with Registration Number, GX 3726-18 and telephone line: 0503023597/0201579233 is offloading human feces into the Odaw River.

The specific location of the happening is unknown but some residents of the community are insisting, the driver of the vehicle should not do the unthinkable but the driver who looks unconcern says the river is flowing and will carry the defecate away.




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