Vote-buying claims: I’ll avail myself for investigations – Dep MASLOC Boss

A Deputy Chief Executive of Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) , Hajia Abibata has revealed that she is open to investigations on claims she engaged in vote-buying in the just-ended parliamentary primaries of the New Patriotic Party(NPP)

The failed parliamentary candidate for the Yendi Constituency in the Northern Region, insists she did no wrong as far as her conduct prior and during the polls is concerned contrary to what has been made public by Corruption Watch and the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD)




“I’m willing to avail myself to every investigative body but again I also saw some post that CDD to petition CHRAJ to look into corruption allegations. That heading is deceptive because I haven’t involved in any corruption, I went there to do my work as an official of MASLOC and that is the due process. I haven’t bent any rules, I’m not the kind that will bend rules and everybody in MASLOC will tell you that I will not bend any rules. So the point should be made that I haven’t involved in vote-buying, I haven’t involved in any wrongdoing and I’ve not admitted to having been engaged in vote-buying as it was stated. ” She revealed.

According to her, loans that were given to the people of Yendi which has been described by Corruption Watch as “vote-buying” are currently being paid by beneficiaries.

Corruption Watch an investigative body in a report brought to light somehow some aspirants in the New Patriotic Party’s Parliamentary primaries engaged in vote-buying by dolling out huge sums of cash to delegates.




The report fingered Hajia Abibata Shanni as one of the persons who engaged in vote-buying using funds of MASLOC, the entity she works for.

But reacting to the claims, she indicated that she’s disappointed in the report and the tag that she has been engaged in corrupt practices because to her, she never bought any vote and that the monies distributed to the people of Yendi were loans that they applied for.





She indicated that she’s a known woman of principle who will not bend the rules to favour anyone and not even herself so she’s shocked that the people who put the report together could do something of the sort.

Hajia Abibata Shanni  said the loans were distributed in May while the primaries was held in June so there is no way the monies which were given out as loans could influence the voting pattern in her constituency.







She said some beneficiaries of the loans have started paying back their loans and that’s a clear indication why the monies do not amount to vote buying.

“That has always been our practice and again that was not the first time MASLOC had distributed monies to people in such a manner. It was recently that we launched our digital platform. I don’t think in the future MASLOC will do something like that. That has always been our practice. Every constituency that we’ve done disbursement, this is the way we do it,” she defended the distribution of money in the full glare of the public in an interview with Joy News monitored by






“I’m the kind of person that will not bend any rules and you can testify from my colleagues and then my boss, the management and the board and then the staff of MASLOC that I’m the kind that will never bend any rules to suit anybody let alone myself. I’m very principled and I adhere to the principles and procedures of MASLOC.”

“How would I be involved in vote-buying? As I speak, the people that were given the loans have started repaying so how does it turn to be vote-buying? When you sell something to someone do you take it back? That is the impression because if I buy something from you, I’ve bought it and it’s mine, I don’t have to pay back so if people have taken loans and they are paying back how is it termed as vote-buying? I’m very very disappointed with that tag saying vote-buying. This was something done in May and our election was in June so how could it be vote-buying?” She quizzed.









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