Watch | Ugandan woman and 2 kids cry of hunger in China after living on water for 2 days


My News Ghana has sighted a video on Twitter where a woman reported to be a Ugandan is seen crying with her two(2) kids.

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According to the caption of the video, the woman has been feeding her children with only water as she is afraid to go out for fear of abuse.

There has been numerous reports of racial abuse by the Chinese government towards Africans in China over the outbreak of Coronavirus.




According to the Chinese some African have the disease and they are the ones spreading the disease in their country. They are thereby forcing all Africans in China to test for coronavirus.

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There has also been reports of stigmatization from the Chinese citizens since the government started the force tests.

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The woman in this video for the fear of being hurt or abused is in doors and has not eaten for two days neither have her kids.

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Watch the video below:





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