[Watch Video] Ghanaian nurse dies @ age 50 of Covid-19


Freda Ocran, a Ghanaian nurse who worked as the former head nurse at New York City’s Jacobi Medical Centre has died of the Covid-19.

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Mrs Ocran is reported to have died on March 28, 2020.

She was 50.




Her son said she “gave herself undoubtedly to the church, to her work and to her kids.”

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Four days before she was admitted at the hospital, Freda posted an artwork with the inscription, “I can’t stay home; I am a health worker”.

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“Everything you can say about a saint was my mom,” Freda’s eldest son, Kwame said of her departed mother.

Freda was a former a former student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism who studied nursing when she migrated to the USA.







“She’s my everything – my wife, my friend, my advisor,” Freda’s husband said of her.

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Watch the attached video above for more on Freda’s death.







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