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WATCH VIDEO : How Funny Face was Saved From Committing Suicide by Two Soldiers





Ghanaian comic actor Funny Face went on another crazy rant after being saved from committing suicide by two Ghana army officers.

Funny Face cannot stay away from issues these days. Being a celebrity with a mental disorder, having a phone with him leads to things with should not hit social media being put on there.

One of his latest videos clearly illustrates this.



Funny Face, who recorded the video himself, is seen in the company of two army officers who seem to be accompanying him to keep him safe.

Funny Face revealed in the video that they tried stopping him the previous day but he zoomed past and they’ve now caught up to him.

He had left his car elsewhere and was walking aimlessly about.

The officers seem to be having pity on the comic actor, who is clearly in the midst of another mental breakdown.



Funny Face recorded himself ranting nonsensically whilst the soldiers looked at him with strange eyes. He spoke about his mental issues and somehow found a way to insert ‘fix the country’ into his ranting.

Nothing was consistent or making sense.

His caption was also wildly nonsensical, although he did mention attempting suicde.

The soldiers took him in their car to direct them to where he left his car.

Funny Face is really going off the rails – at this point he has to be institutionalized for his own safety!


Watch his video below…

This isn’t the first time Funny Face has gotten an issue with the law.

He was once arrested by the police for illegally discharging a firearm. Funny Face resisted arrest and suffered a brutal beatdown.





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