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Welcoming my first child was the best feeling I have had as a father – Israel Laryea




JoyNews Editor Israel Laryea has shared one of his unforgettable moments as a father.

In an interview as part of this year’s Fathers Day celebration on JoyNews, he revealed that one of the most memorable days as a father was the day he welcomed his first child.

“There have been many memorable moments, but one of them that stands out is when welcomed my first child,” he told Benjamin Akakpo.



“I was there, I held him, [the feeling] was wonderful, it was like, you are here too,” he added excitedly.

He said his eyes were immediately opened to the expected responsibilities he has to shoulder and being a good father to his baby.

“At that point, there is a feeling of responsibility; there’s a burden that is placed on you that you are responsible for this child, and that’s no mean obligation,” he said.




The veteran broadcaster noted that playing a fatherly and being good at it comes with no script, but “rather one is provided with the opportunity to learn something new daily.”

“There’s no script as to how to be a good father or play the role, you learn, and I feel that there’s too much that I need to learn that I really haven’t learnt anything yet,” he said.

For him, watching the children go through different experiences always get him thinking.



“Could I have handled this a lot better? Is there something I should have done that I didn’t do that will come back to haunt in future?’ That’s something I think about every day,” he said.

This, he explained, is because “you want to play a role in the life of your child so that they grow up to be someone you are proud of.”

Reminiscing some good times with his father, Mr Laryea said, “One of the things that my father taught me is that you have to put things in their proper perspective.

“For him, what he meant if you take something from this place, put it back where it’s supposed to be. So all through life, especially at home, when I see something that is not at the right place, I move it to the right place, and it really helped me,” he said.



That lesson, he said has stayed with him throughout his life.

He explained that “What it does is that it makes life a lot easy for you, so you know if you are looking for something, go to this particular place, and you will find it.”

“People can be careless; they take something at one place and drop it somewhere else, then when they come back looking for it, they can’t find it.”

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