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Why has Kate Gyamfua’s equipment been destroyed when others are mining in the same area? – A Plus questions




A Plus has questioned why equipment belonging to Xtra Gold were the destroyed while other companies continue mine in the same area

According to A-Plus he has personally confirmed the activities of mining still ongoing in the same area where Xtra gold is located despite the military operation




He has threatened to come out with more revelations on the burning of excavators belonging to Xtra Gold which he avers was targeted

Musician and social activist, Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A-Plus has alleged that the military operation on Xtra Gold Mining Company Limited which resulted in the burning of some of the company’s equipment including excavators were targeted.



According to the controversial social commentator, he had initially doubted information that there were other companies mining in the same area where Xtra Gold is located but were spared during the operation.

He has since reported in a Facebook post that he confirmed the operations of the other companies who he said are still actively mining without any disturbance from the military.

“Today l visited a Mining site which is a walking distance from Where Madam Kate Gyamfuah’s mining equipment was destroyed ..This is what l found ..Live video coming soon !!!!” he captioned a video which he could be seen on a mining concession with some excavators busily digging up trenches in the background.




According to A Plus, the concession with mining activities currently ongoing is located in the same area where Xtra Gold is located. He thus questioned why it was only the company allegedly belonging to the New Patriotic Party Women Organiser that witnessed the military operation.

“I didn’t believe it when I was informed that other companies are mining in the same area where Madam Kate Gyamfua’s equipment was destroyed so I decided to tour the area today to confirm the report… and yes!!!
This is what is happening here right now. Same area, same alluvial mining. Why has her equipment been destroyed while others mine in broad daylight?” he wrote.



Questioning why equipment belonging to Xtra Gold were burnt by the military officers tasked to root out the activates of miners on and around water bodies, A Plus reiterated the company’s position that their activities are not close to any river and had certification and relevant documents to complement their work.

“I don’t blame the company. They are not the government or the task force. According to them, they have all the necessary documents to mine and are not mining close to the river. The fact is, Madam Kate Gyamfua’s company is not mining close to the river; they have all the documents to mine. So why was she targeted? Information wɔ wiase ooo. Wait for answers in my next post,” he stated.



On Monday, May 17, 2021, it was reported that excavators belonging to Xtra Gold Mining company which has Kate Gyamfua as General Manager had been set ablaze by soldiers in the new anti-galamsey operation.

Earlier reports mentioned eight as the number of excavators burnt but a statement from the company clarified that the burnt excavators were sixteen.

Xtra Gold in several statements have maintained that their activities were legal and has served notice that it will be seeking legal redress.


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