Woman Confesses Of Smuggling A Bag Of Cocaine Through Her Private Part From Dubai To Nigeria (Photos)


Mrs dorathy who was arrested by men of the nigerian drugs enforcement agency has spoken on how she has been bringing in cocain and other hard drugs into the country through her private part.

Dorathy who was arrested at the nigerian airport Lagos came into the country with a dubai Airlines looking pregnant.

According to Mrs dorathy she said that she works for very strong white men in Dubai who all has their clients here and she has been coming to deliver this package for a long time now. Dorathy after a lot of interrogations Exposes how she brings in this package from dubai.

Dorothy who said before she leaves dubai to Nigeria she will be operated by their special doctors over the, and 2 to 3 bags of this cocain will be deposited into her body through her private part, according to her once the bags pass through my Private Part it will go straight to my tommy and it will look as if I’m a pregnant woman.

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Mrs dorathy who said she joined this business because of lack of money and hunger when she first arrived dubai in 2015,

According to Mrs dorathy the effect of this cocain always passing through her system is very dangerous, cause any time she is coming in with that drugs she has a time limit that must not exceed if not the bag will tear and she will die instantly.






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