Woman in coma after gang-rape by Fulani herdsmen


Suspected herdsmen have allegedly raped a middle-aged woman to coma in farmland located at Ebenebe in Awka North local government area of Anambra State.

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The middle-aged woman identified as Agnes Okekpe has reportedly died in her home state, Ebonyi after the tragic incident.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the woman, a native of Abakaliki local government area was hired by a farmer in the community to harvest some crops in their farmland.




According to report, two herdsmen came with herds of cattle gang-raped her till she lost consciousness while working in the farm in December, 2019.

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It was further learnt that the woman was eventually taken to her state by her relations for treatment where she recently died.

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Narrating the incident, President-general of Ebenebe, Mr. Paul Nnatuanya said the woman’s ordeal is no different from what his people have been experiencing in addition to the destruction of farmlands by suspected herdsmen.

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He said: “The information we got from Ebonyi State was that Agnes has died. After she was raped to coma, our people took her to the hospital where she was revived. She died as a result of the trauma she suffered.

“After she was discharged from the hospital, she travelled back to her place in Ebonyi State; perhaps, to continue treatment there.

“She didn’t continue with the business she came for.





“Her colleague who was able to escape said that before the rape, the herdsmen hit the woman with a log of wood, which made her weak and unable to raise the alarm.

“The herdsmen also took the money the woman tied on the her wrapper and it was the victim’s colleague who found her lying helplessly on the farm, that ran back to the town to alert the residents. When the villagers stormed the scene, she was already lying unconscious on the ground.”



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