Y’asem Nie: ‘Mortuary woman’ shares horrifying details of her daily schedule [Video]


Many people believe that working in a mortuary is one of the scariest jobs on earth but for Mercy Okaijah, this is her passion and dream.

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Narrating her experience as a mortuary attendant on Adom FM’s morning show social discussion segment, Y’asem Nie’, Mercy revealed she couldn’t stay away from the dead even for day.

“I remember one time I was at work and all of a sudden, there was black out but I couldn’t stop working just because there was no light. I had to stay inside and finish everything I was doing on the dead before leaving, even in the darkness,” she narrated.

Throwing more light on how morticians function, Madam Okaijah said when a corpse is brought in, they just don’t put them in the morgue; rather, they embalm the bodies, a process she described as very difficult.

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According to her, the job is a team work, therefore, depending on the stature of the body which has been brought to the morgue, all members will have to come on board and exhibit their expertise.

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Mrs Okaijah said to be a mortuary attendant, one must be physically fit due because a critical aspect of the job requires lifting bodies.

“A mortician is frequently required to lift bodies, some of which could weigh a lot high but since it’s a team work, we all rally around and support and we do that with strategy,” she explained.

While admitting that physical fitness is an important requirement, Mercy noted that boldness and sound mind were more crucial because once you are in it, you just have to prepare your mind at all times.







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