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You are Promoting AntiChrist If You Are a Man And Wear Jean-Prophetess





A prophetess has revealed that it is a very big sin for a man to wear jeans as it would lead to the promoting of the antichrist to come early.

The lady prophetess who was speaking during service revealed that if men put on jeans it is a way of telling the antichrist to come very early as that is the way they have programmed things to be.

According to her, she used to be part of a dark society and they used to have meetings with Lucifer before he got born again and become a woman of God.




She further called on men to put a stop to it so that they wouldn’t be the reason that the antichrist would come early.

Speaking to the congregation she stated saying;

“So there was a day we were holding a meeting in 999 realms and one of the agents raised this that ‘how do we gather people into the kingdom of anti-Christ, how do we control their hearts?’. And let me tell you, the real name of JEANS is ‘Global Uniform of Anti-Christ‘. So if you put on jeans, you are promoting antichrist to come. Do you understand?


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