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Young ladies go topless to fight dirty on the street while mothers watch on [Video]




A street fight that broke out between two young girls whose ages are not known yet has caused a stir on social media with many questions left unanswered.

A video that has gone viral captures the moment the battle line was drawn for the two purported to be teenagers to exchange blows after they had refused to seize fire despite several attempts by people nearby to separate them.



In an effort to give them a feeling of the boxing ring, the two were left to dirty themselves while bystanders believed to be their neighbours acted as spectators to enjoy the show.

The irate ladies were made to take off their tops exposing the upper part of their respective bodies before the brawl could be called to order.




The video sees the two exchanging words while they dared each other to cross the battle line separating them. Sooner than later did the fight begin with heavy punches flying all over the place.

Their breasts are seen dangling carefreely on their chests as if they had no purpose for it after the needless fight.




Some reports accompanying the video suggests the girls were caught in the frenzy over a man they are both dating.

Well there is no evidence to that in this video.

Watch the video below



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