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You’re a national sex symbol – Mike Hamah tells big sister Victoria Hamah




Social Media Friends of two family members Victoria Hamah and Lord Hamah were treated to some family feud on Monday, December 21 2020.

Lord who has been on the case of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since the party was declared losers in the just-ended election made a post on Facebook to indicate that he will never honour defeat.





Victoria reminded Lord of his defeat and the fact that the last time he contested for an election, he was able to garner only 3 out of the votes cast on the day.

Lord Hamah infuriated by the comment by Victoria fired some salvos and described her in unprintable words to the effect that Victoria Hamah is just a sex symbol.





To him, she should look for a man and get married to because her social relevance is just sex and nothing else.

The clash between the two who are said to be family shocked many who thought it was needless and should not have been encouraged.












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