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You’re Going to Keep Dying Due to Your Stupidity – Insensitive Afia Schwar Attacks Ghana Police After Officer Was Shot Dead in Robbery






Afia Schwarzenegger has slammed the Ghana Police Service after the death of a young officer during an armed robbery attack on a bullion van.

Afia Schwar released a video on social media reacting to the death of General Constable Emmanuel Osei of the national SWAT unit, murdered after being shot in the head by armed robbers at Adedenko near James Town in Accra.

Armed robbers intercepted a a bank bullion van guarded by Osei in Accra on Monday, June 14th.



He was killed after being shot in the head and the robbers made off with an unspecified amount of cash.

Afia blasted the police service in her video. She revealed that she had made efforts to obtain 20,000 bullet proof vests for the police service but they ignored her.

Afia claims that some foreign investors she was working with had bulletproof vests to gift and she requested 20,000 to be given to the police service.





She says she managed to ship one vest to Ghana using her own money for the police to test it and approve the shipping of the other 19,999.

The police completely ignored her request.

Afia rained insults on the police in her video. She said if they cannot be proactive enough to take a donation like hers then they are going to keep dying stupid deaths whilst carrying out their duties.


Watch Afia Schwar in the video below…

Despite her insensitivity, the police service leadership and the government have to take the blame for this sorry state of affairs.

It’s extremely pathetic that one police officer is assigned to protect a bullion van when everyone knows it is carrying around large sums of cash! Armed robbers are not stupid and would definitely target such a car.

It’s worse when you that consider that the officers are not only unprotected but are also receiving peanuts for their job.

A police officer has revealed the bullion duty officers receive Ghc 125 a week for that deadly job!

What does that tell you other than that the system is not working?









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